Considering Clear-cut Wedding Toast Secrets

Jill and Richard Hill share a moment during their wedding ceremony at Baby Beach in Lahaina Friday afternoon. Maui’s Angels photo The two had a lot in common: Both grew up on farms, were one of seven children and loved camping and the outdoors. Both had been married before and had adult children. Im kind of introverted, said Richard Hill, 60. I liked her because she was outgoing. She can walk up to anybody and start a conversation. Richard Hill grew up in Selah, Wash., and was a timber faller for 20 years before going into the heating and air-conditioning business. He worked in Wyoming before moving to Oregon. Jill Hill liked his calm demeanor, and handsome, of course! But not long after they started dating, Jill Hill was diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer. She began chemotherapy, but after it seemed like the treatment was killing me more than the cancer, she decided to opt for hospice care at her home. Its been a couple years of doctors and hospitals, she said.

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